My life

It was a long time ago, I was in preschool and my only emotion was happy. I didnt really know much at all, I thought life was all happiness and rainbows. Then I went to kndergarden, I was slapped and nobody noticed me besides bullies. One day I was sick and sneezed and the ” cool kids ” screamed and looked at me like I was a monster. I hated it, my mom didn’t notice and neither did my sister I was kind of insane, I would talk to “ghosts ” in my dreams. Then I went to 1st grade, life was going good, I was now a cool kid and everything seemed to be okay, but then my parents divorced and I had to choose who to go with, I chose my mother. That was a big mistake, in grade 2 everything was okay, but then when I was in grade 3 and hit puberty she started being really mean. I even remember punching her jaw to protect myself, it was scary and my life wasn’t turning around. It was even worse when I found out I have half sisters, one was set up for adoption and the other was forced to pretend to be my sister, my dad moved far far away. I kept smiling because I knew you can either cry and never get up or smile and force yourself to rise even though your dying inside. I was no longer a cool kid, I was the victim. One day in high school I was went home, my mom, who heard me say ” I wish you were dead! ” and then storm out for school, had died. I saw her corpse laying there I gripped her hand tight and I didn’t let go. I realized the error in my ways and today I am a marine biologist! Never disrespect your mother or you will pay the cost.