My GOTR Story

GOTR has inspired me to stay positive. Before GOTR I was a little negative. I used to be nervous about cheering other people on, but GOTR has helped me by practicing positivity. I liked it when we practiced turning something negative into something positive. GOTR lets us give our opinions and ideas and takes them seriously which really boosted my confidence. Sometimes its hard to cheer yourself up or know that you’re capable of doing things. To help those times GOTR has taught girls and myself how to stay positive cheer each other on and be confident. I activate my star power by pushing negative clouds in my heart away so I can see the pretty little star that belongs to me. I do this by thinking about my good decisions I’ve made. I review all those bad clouds and every time I finish that negative cloud thought I imagine it pops making my star brighter. GOTR did so many things for me. I learned things that would’ve been hard for me to learn on my own. I learned how to do things right.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Girls on the Run International.

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A Girls on the Run participant, age 12