My bully story

Dedication: Jasmine Sanchez

Hi.. I have been looking for places that can help me to share my story, I am so glad I came across this website…
Well any ways this is my story.
Hi my name is Shannon, I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. In primary school I was bullied. I had people call me but never so much physical. I guess I was bullied because I was different. I wasn’t doing anything the “cool kids” we’re doing.
I was also picked on by teachers. They used to rip up my work and throw it in the bin. I remember once I was doing a spelling test and the teacher came and got her pen and dragged it so that the paper would rip.
Anyway I wasn’t just bullied at school I was bullied a home as well. My sister would get me into trouble and say really, really mean things to me. Things that you would never thing your sister would ever say to you. Anyway when I got into highschool I thaught everything would be fine. But I was wrong. I was bullied physically by people that said I didn’t fit in with. I would wonder around alone at lunch. Then I had enough… My mum got me into another school. I thought that it would be over. But it was just getting worse. People would come to me outside of school and say things like whatch your back. Soon I developed severe anxiety and depression, I went onto anti depressants. But that made me feel worse I couldn’t even look at myself and think good things. I started to think that maybe the world would be better off without me here. I remember when my mum was walking me home and we got into a huge argument and I just gave up, I got a bit of glass and slit my wrist. Luckily it wasn’t deep enough to blue out. That memory haunts me to this day, but things just got worse. I didn’t want to eat because people would send me mean texts saying I’m fat and ugly. I stayed in my room for days. My mum would get worried. As I was in my room I tried to hang myself with a dog leash. But it failed. One day I went onto YouTube and found a video of a girl “named jasmine Sanchez”who committed suicide. And she inspired me so much during that video. I will put a link to that video so you can see for yourself. She went through the the same things. Bullying. And she really inspired me to live on. I am on the road to healing but it will take quite along time. But I wish I could of told her to stay strong because you are beautiful and no matter what you have people who love you. But she was unlucky. I wanted to share my story because bullying is a serious enough thing all over the world and thousands of deaths happen everyday, I’m so glad I didn’t give up due to the video. Suicide because of bullies is making the bullies happy and let them know that they have won… I really want my story to reach people with the same problems and let them know that they are amazing.. And that everyone loves them and will give them the support that they need.

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I am 14 years old, and I am a victim of bullying, I just want to get my story out there to people to let them know that they can't let bullies win, and that we have to work together to stop them.... Before another life hpgets taken????