Mr. He

Dedication: My boys who were enduring their own abuse and I had no idea what they were going through because my misery made me selfish.

I was in an abusive marriage for 20 years, I was called a loser and it made me work harder to prove I wasn’t, I became an RN BSN, still attempting suicide several times, controlled and manipulated and destroyed, I finally got out but not away, and now I have hit rock bottom but I have God in my life and I want to help others to know that they are going to make it and it will be better than they can imagine if they trust in God. I changed my appearance to make someone live me and it made him hate me more. If they don’t love who you are, they are not going to love who you try to become. Be your self. Successful at the top and fallen and hit rock bottom, but I have God and he is all I need.

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Rayjeana Logan

I am a highly favored annoited child of God.