Misfortune and survival

I dont know whether my story will inspire others to lead a sucessful and be a single handed human in their life..but I want to share what I have been through and I am still going through in my life

Since childhood i have been a good child of my parents.i have done good academically. But when I entered my graduation I stopped studying and kind of disobeyed parents.but that was only for 2 years.I have reasons for that which is i had studied hard all my childhood and was fed up with books.but after that i faced punishment like
My parents hit me..from all over people said I was waste..I needed to be in dustbin..I applied for jobs..they removed me from 4 jobs.i was thrown out.all because I dint study or rebelled only 2 years of my entire childhood and teenage.latr as years went ..I was jobless..people said I am a thief and need to be beaten and in prison..I was labelled with sichofrenia disease and admitted in hospital.. people made fun of me ..I was made clown..more so I was made to watch filthy shows and movies..I couldn’t read books..all dirty and devastating stories were shown to me..i heard people saying I was a secret superstar..god knows how..they made songs on me..zingaat..perfect …main tera boyfriend…etc..

People said I took shortcut for sucess .I dont know when I told I wanted to be star..how was I one …at least if I was paid for stardom ..today I wont be facing financial issues..there were dogs barking outside everyday..I was called drunkard..I have never taken it..every ad they flashed was scary and painful..I was abused..my friends left me.they called me rude.I dont know why I faced all this.people have called me thief criminal go in dustbin.. drunkard..fraud..they have thrown shoes and I still doing everyday some misfortune in my life..ALl I want is justice in my life..because I have done nothing at all..have been inhouse trying to succeed in my life that’s it.this world I feel is an unsafe place for girls and women especially.cause some powerful people have done this to me.i have been linked with an old man .I have even been called mosquito and snake. TV ads show mosquito killer and other abusive scenes to me..All i want to tell others is I have faced all this all alone..Today I have got some part time job which pays 10000 inspite of good academic career with 85 percentile.but I am fighting it all out.all I want to tell others Is life is not fair and it can go as ugly as mine but..no one can do any good to u except u urself..if it has been thrown at u..u can do nothing but take it.try to help urself and if there is truly some justice there here may be u find help.I am a survivor of all misfortunes and I would like people to be cautious with their dealings with others..especially higher authority people..so from my experience I would say be safe and help your own self..rest nothing is in ur hand.