Lost daughter reunited after 30 years

Dedication: My children and my wives

I married right after I finished a four year stint in the Army met a beautiful young lady and adopted our son and had a wonderful new daughter named missy. My wife and I divorced after 5 years of marriage. Long story short. I have not seen or heard from my daughter in 30 years. I tried finding her, went court hired private investigator, no luck. Missy my daughter reached out to me via Facebook messenger a month ago and I cried like a baby. She is my first born and I treasured her. I have introduced her to her younger siblings Max, Cassie, Bridgette and Anna. We talk regularly now and I could not be happier. We will meet the 2nd week of April.

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Carl Farmer

I am from Indianapolis raised in Brown County Indiana. Veteran and have an MBA. Love music. Happily married 26 years. Have six children the oldest David Baylis.