Dedication: to strangers wanna read this

hello everyone there… if u want read this message i’ll say thank you so much. but if not it’s okay.

okay. this is day 21 in 2022. did u know something i never imagine before. i’m work. i met new person, all strangers around me.but. you know. all people hated each other. saying bad behind them. why they do that. i know. i new in this place but come on. you can share love like act be nice to each other. Sometimes i sad but sometimes i angry too.

i try to always be nice, and always say good thing. cause i’m scared i’ll hurt someone around me. but they always hurt me. dunno why. am i wrong to always be nice ?? hmm

before i get this job. i’am a illustrator freelance but i feel lonely when i work. so i decided to search new job and met new stranger. but yeah i feel same

thank you before to read this story . hope you always health and also happy too.