Light Shining in a Dark World

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My Life Story:When walking in a Dark World to the Light. Hope for the Hopeless and Love for the Lonely for all❤️✝️💯

I was once Hooked on the Cares of Life, I started that way of living at age 15 because I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do especially my Parents. So by the age of 23 ,I had 2 children by 2 different men, life totally reckless and miserable. I ended up meeting a Kind lady only because I had wrecked my car and needed diapers for my 9month old Daughter and had an 1.5 year old Daughter as well. At the time no one else would help me when their was about 3 inches of snow out. This kind lady gave me a ride to the grocery store and she even was paralyzed. I did give her $5 dollars for gas, and still felt as if that wasn’t enough. So it bothered me the entire trip. I was stuck in thinking until she invited me to church! At that point the only thing I could say was ,yes I’d go. I noticed the way I felt changed once I asked her when, than something inside of me felt Mad when she said it was the next day. I ended up going because I felt like I needed to despite the way I felt. It was a One God Apostolic church. When I went the Pastor was Preaching almost seemed like everything I had been through at that point of life. Turned out, I continue to go and my life started changing around and good things were happening. I learned how to pray and was told to always Pray and than the Preacher talked about a gift that would Help me for the rest of my life if I would repent so I had to get it inside my Heart and I started repenting and that made a difference.I soon realized that God was Jesus.Past Life and Received the Holy Ghost and was Baptized in Jesus name I had a hard time making the decision to be Baptized but I did it anyway cause that is what I Bible said to . Just like they did in the Book of Acts. Acts 2:38. So , my life soon changed again I was Faithful for about almost 3-5 years don’t quite remember because I’d stop praying and everyone time I did I would find myself doing what God had delivered me from. I was in and out of Church and every time I stopped going it Always 97.9 percent was because of a man.That lifestyle last for many years at around 28 I wanted to totally surrender my life to the Lord again so I went back to the altar and at this time I wanted Jesus and a Relationship with a Man so I got married so I wouldn’t life in a immoral situation.That ended after 6 months and I ended up with my 3rd child which is a Boy.When my Husband left me I was going to church living good until I stopped Praying again.Then when my son was about 1 1/2 and my Daughters were I think 8 and 9 years old I was 33 I left them. Ended up Hitting Rock Bottom Facts, I was using meth, cocaine powder form and rock, marijuana, ecstasy pills , alcohol, had many Relationships with Men found myself in Prostitution to support my Drug addiction. Stealing from Stores and people.True fully I was involved with Every type of situation in Life except “Murder”. I Lost everything . I went Hard cord for about 2 years. Than at age 35 I could remember Being so miserable and Hopeless without my Kids. I felt The Lord Jesus Christ speaking to me saying I can Help you if you give me a chance.So at that point it was so so hard to go back to him after I had so much guilt and the weight I was carrying Every possible distraction would come up. Long story short is that I Walked myself to a treatment faculty and went through the program and started to Pray again and Learned the word Integrity. Felt the hand of God in my life again and soon again my life was changing for the good again. Ended up relocating and soon reunited with Jesus again at the altar of an Apostolic church.
Acts 2:38 means so much to me today because not only am I 4 years clean I have a Relationship with Jesus my Higher Power. Some say today I am a very Religious person and I say Yes I am Apostolic but it’s All about a Relationship and that is what I found at the Apostolic church. Now looking into the Word of God”The Holy Bible” Jesus taught the apostles the Plan of Salvation what it took to be saved and “How to to Live” . That is what Apostolic means to me . The teachings of Jesus Christ!❤️
Forever changed✝️
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