Mentorship: A Pathway Out of Poverty

It is a story being told by video, and so I’ve included the link in this form. It tells the inspiring story of Procedure Chikosi, a Mentor at Girls Time Club in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. Procedure’s father passed away at a young age. Her mother raised her and her siblings, and they grew up in a life of struggle and poverty. It was through joining a Mentorship club that Procedure’s life’s was enriched, she grew in self-confidence, expression and began to form a vision for her future. Procedure went on to establish her own non-profit organization and now serves as a Mentor to girls within her own community. Guiding and inspiring them to stay in school, avoid teenage pregnancy, believe in themselves, develop skills and talents, pursue dreams, build their futures and strengthen their communities in doing so.

The film highlights highlights Procedure’s story within the broader of context of a mentorship model and work of the non-profit organization, Global Sojourns Giving Circle, to empower girls and strengthen communities in Southern Africa.
Photo credit: Images provided by the storyteller.

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Global Sojourns Giving Circle

Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC) creates safe spaces in Southern African countries to empower and educate girls and strengthen their communities. We do this by providing support to community-based organizations run by dynamic changemakers who provide mentorship to youth, with a focus on empowering girls and the ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of deep poverty. When girls are empowered, nurtured and educated, we see them open to new ideas, new ways of doing things and new opportunities. When a girl finds a new path—one that isn’t defined by abuse, poverty or other challenging circumstances —she’s more likely to build a better future for herself, her family and her community. The impact is far-reaching.