Life on wheels you can still face the world with a beautiful smile:)

*Life On Wheels You Can Still Face The World With A Beautiful Smile*:):)

I Have Overcame Many Challenges , Obstacles & Giving Up Was Never An Option..

*Life On Wheels*
Paraplegic & My Daily Life….
That’s Me Sushma, My Disability Is Paraplegia In Simple Terms Is I Am Paralysed From The Lower Half Of My Body..I Can’t Walk I Have Full Use Of My Arms I Use A Wheelchair Without My Chair I Cannot Go Anywhere *So My Wheelchair Is My feet* ????

There Are Some People In The World Who Fight An Unseen Battle Within Themselves 24/7 With A Big Smile On Their Face They Never Cry, They Never Crib Or Wine…I Call Such People As Warriors Because These People Know The Art Of Living Life & They Are Way Better Than Those Who Just Exist In The World……

10years Back I Met With An Car Incident I Was Travelling From Kanyakumari To Bangalore. As A Result Of That Incident I Sustained Multiple Injuries My Shoulder Got Broke My Mandible Was Broke My Ear Pinna got Injured and ribcage was fractured But The Injury That Changed My Life & My Personality Was Spinal Cord Injury…

3vertibra Of My BackBone Was Completely Crushed I Underwent A Major Surgery The Doctors Has Put A Lot Of Metal In My Arm & A Metal Rod In My Backbone So I Feel More Like An Iron Lady Now ???? But Those 4months That I Spent In The Hospital Was Fretful I Was In Severe Pain Physically & Mentally..I was Devastated Life Was Completely Pointless, Aimless, Colourless I Was Tired Of Wearing White Clothes Doing Nothing & Sitting Idol. I Really Didnt Want To See Anyone or Face Anything But Then I Realised Instead Of Crying For The Legs I Have Lost I Have People Around Me Who Want To See Me Happy I Have So Much To Be Grateful For So Lets Stop Cribbing Stop Whining Bcoz Its Pointless…

The Best Decision I Took After Coming From Hospital Is I Continued My Studies And Completed BBA And Then To Keep Myself Busy I Started To Take Care Of My Elder Brother Who Got Injured With Me In A Car Accident He Is A Brain Injured..Have To Care Him Like A Baby…

*Every Day Is A Constant Struggle To Maintain An Optimistic Attitude & Seek Out The Positive Aspect Of Life*..
Yes There Are Challenges But I Turn Them Into A Learning Oppurtunity Rather Than Viewing Them As Difficulties..Im Mentally Independent, Self Motivator & Conqueror & Most Of All, Wherever I Go I Spread Love To Whomever I Meet, I am Contagious In A Way;) I Use My Disability To Motivate & Inspire Others..

*My Philosophy Is I Never Feel Sorry For Myself, I Do What Is Expected Of Me & Even Go An Extra Mile If I Have To…*

I Want People To know That BEing On Wheels Doesnt Mean Your Life Is Over..
Its Just Different Whether You Were Born With A Disability Or Recieved One Later In Life… *Just Learn The Art Of Converting Your Adversity Into Opputurnities*…The Moment You Gonna Learn It Sky Is The Limit..

*Dont Let Your Disability Define You, Let Your Abilities Speak For You*…..

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My Life So Far Sushma Like No One else or No One Else Like Me.... Im a paraplegic..I went for a trip while coming back to my native I met with an car accident in 2008 it's been 10 years since im on a wheelchair.. I'm blessed to lead two lives, one of a normal person & the other of a disabled in one lifetime itself.. God has given me another chance to serve people & fill their mind & heart with positivity..