Today I was abused, and harassed

I had always heard the word abuse, harassment, but i didn’t quite understand it, neither did I think it will happen to me, today I was abused, and harassed by a motorcycle taxi driver, we had no business because 1 I was not his passenger. But due to the poor roads in my community, the motorcycle drivers use the pedestrian lane to move, so I was coming, and then he pushes me to a wall saying” you no de see road”, enraged because i hit my head on a wall, I pushed him back and then he fell into water, and then he got up dragged me by the cloth, and tore open my clothes, saying that I must enter the water too before he moves on, he tore my clothes and almost stripped me naked, if not for the intervention of some passer-bys and when I called the police, as soon as I mentioned his tribe, they told me to deal with my issues by my self, so imagine an underaged child, harassed in a country with no justice for the people simply because corruption has eaten deep into the country, and do you know the funniest thing, that country is Nigeria, the so called African Giant that can’t decent her citizens. It is with same that i now say my countries name as it is an insult to the world, don’t let your country be eaten deep by corruption and nepotism, I cannot fight for my right, because I am seen to be without rights. The youths now say the country’s name in shame because they know that all their rights can be violated. And they have been reduced to nothing, in their own father land, the land which was once fought to be saved from our colonial masters.