I saved my old horse from a kill pen

I sold my horse a little over 3 years ago and within a year after I sold her she was sold 4 different times. The people would not tell me who they sold her to and I was devastated because I just wanted to make sure she was in good hands, which clearly she wasn’t. I would constantly check this certain kill pens page to make sure she was not on there, I checked it for a year until now.

A few days ago I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that a horse that was identical to my old horse was listed and it would ship to slaughter in a couple days if not purchased.

I messaged the kill pen owner and sent her photos of my old horse, she replied and said it definately could be. So I started up a gofundme to help raise money to save her due to me getting married in 2 months and can’t afford to whip out $550 for something super unexpected. So, I got all my donations within a day and went to the kill pen the following day to see her and verify it was my old horse. Sure enough…it was my old horse!! I went up to her and said “you’re magic arent you” and she put her head into my arms and muzzled my face with her nose. I broke down in tears and hugged her.
We picked her up the following Monday and brought her home safe!!


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Kyleen Joan