I overcame and so can you!!!

Dedication: Young girls and women all over the world

Who am I?

To tell you my life story would take a life time. Writing a book just won’t do!!! So where do I start??? I am fearfully and wonderfully made for one. I have faith that stands the test of time. I have been fighting obstacles since the day I was born. Not only was I premature I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus which is the buildup of fluid in the cavities (ventricles). It causes pressure on the brain. I also have spastic cerebral palsy. Spasticity is a form of hypertonia. This results in stiff muscles. Because of my conditions, I was told by doctors I would never walk or talk. If you think overcoming that was tough, I was placed into foster care as a baby. I was saved by my aunt. A pure angel who came and took me in, because of her love I am the strong woman I am today!!! Now today at 29 years old, I am happily married. Not only am I walking and talking, but achieving what I never thought possible. NEVER NEVER NEVER let someone put limits on what you can & can not do.

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Jalesia Packnett

I am a walking light trying to shine bright in as many people's lives as I can.