I just want to tell my story

I’m 14 and I think my family doesn’t understand me it’s hard but whatever I do would affect someone or me. I want to give up friends and shut myself in, just like my older brother did. He’s 18. I don’t need help, I just want to tell my story. Or maybe I don’t want help. My mother used to tell me to help her with my brother. I don’t want it because it’s not my fault he is like that. I’m a very positive person around, I like to listen to music, especially K pop. I think it helps. My family tells me I’m bad and I comment a lot but I don’t think I understand. When my mother asked me if my brother had anything, I said he might want to kill himself. She reacted quickly because she was an asylum nurse. Dad doesn’t even know what I’m doing at school. I don’t have a very good relationship with my father. But my uncle is very annoying, he comes to our house and he sits on the couch I have on my laptop and shocks it from the socket. You say he’s at his house and my parents don’t do anything. I don’t have many friends or if they are we are just colleagues and that’s it. If we go to eat pizza with a group of 5-6 people, I don’t dare say anything because I know I won’t listen. This happens many times. I feel alone. I’m watching the 16-episode series in 2 days, I’m ready because I’m not doing anything anymore. My story does not seem so difficult, that is, my life. That’s all I think.