I Found The Light

Trigger warning: Before reading this post, please be aware that it contains a reference to childhood sexual abuse.

You grew up in a rough childhood surrounded by people who seemed to revel in evil. Your parents were involved with bikies, drugs and violence that was a way of life, and you quickly learned to keep your head down and stay out of trouble. But trouble had a way of finding you. At the age of 16 you start drinking, sleeping with boys and stopped going to school. This was your coping mechanism. You didn’t know what love was. Throughout highschool you get bullied and then the next you lose your brother to a battle custody. The world became more lonely. At a young age of 3, you were sexually abused by someone you trusted. The trauma of that experience stayed with you for years, casting a dark shadow over your childhood. It was just one more burden to bear in a life that was already full of challenges. The home shootings and invasions were terrifying at the age of 12 and 16. None of this was your fault. You never knew when you would wake up to the sound of gunfire or the sight of intruders in your home. The fear and uncertainty were overwhelming, and you struggled to find any sense of safety or security. But amidst all the darkness, you found a glimmer of hope. You began to explore your faith, seeking solace in the teachings of God. It was a slow and difficult journey, but gradually you began to feel a sense of peace that you had never known before. You found god that welcomed you with open arms, offering you a sense of community and belonging. You began to study the Bible, finding comfort and guidance in its words. And as you grew stronger in your faith, you began to see the world in a different light. You realized that the people around you were not inherently evil, but rather lost and struggling with their own demons. The devil came to play. You began to pray for them, hoping that they too would find the peace and love that you had discovered. And as you continued on your journey, you began to see the ways in which God had been watching over you all along. Despite the darkness and danger that had surrounded you, you had been kept safe. You were still alive and still had a chance to create a better life for yourself and have a chance to share your story. It wasn’t easy, of course. The scars of your past were deep and painful. But with the help of your faith and the support of God, you began to heal. You forgave those who had hurt you, knowing that forgiveness was the only way to truly move on. And eventually, you were able to let go of the fear and darkness that had held you captive for so long. You found a sense of peace and purpose in your faith, knowing that you were never truly alone. And though the road ahead was still uncertain, you knew that you would always have God by your side. God answered my prayer by creating a good life for me. I don’t have to stay in the darkness and in the mess anymore. Thank you father God, I am grateful and appreciative for you.
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