I dont wanna quit dreaming ????

Life is so beautiful thats what people say but trust me it is not
Why life is so hard why cant we fulfil our dreams
I was a guy who saw so many dreams in childhood who was very good with computers and finally got a chance to study in a univeristy and in just 1 year in university i started to make websites as a freelancer .life was beautiful . Everything was but in 3rd year got a news that my father died so i came back home so i can take care of my mom and my brother and my sister i was just 21 and then everything changed. I have to quit my studies because i dont have the expenses to pay for studies so i started my own little bussiness but suddenly i got the loss in it and then all the money i had i spend on my sister weeding and my little brother education. Now i want to explore the world that was my dream was but now i have nothing i am not getting a good job ???? now i dont have money to start my business i always wanted to do that but i cant now i dont wanna give up my dreams but everyrhing going so worst why ???? why u have to quit your dreams.

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