I couldn’t do it, you do it for me!

Dedication: To every person out there who is worried for their future, I feel you.

I’m a 16 year old, turning 17 in a few months. I had a dream which others my age don’t really care that much about. I wanted to become a doctor. I know its a hard process and a long journey. my grades were no where near close to what I needed. I wasn’t a person who just dreamt, i worked hard, I spent days learning and practising for any tests I had. you know they say hard work pays off but I don’t know. then I continued working and took the subjects I wanted in college but my grades were so low compared to what they should be. my classmates seemed to be way off and I felt so lonely and hopeless. my family wasn’t a help either. they told me you cant really do this several times. it was like inner-indoctrination. I felt so down a lot of the time. I thought if my family wasn’t going to support me who would. but I continued. sometimes I would close everything and sit there and cry. then covid happened and made learning twice harder.

tomorrow as school begins after the half term holiday, I don’t know what my purpose for studying at the moment is. I don’t know where my future will lead me but I know I have to wake up and somehow try again. it seems like such a stupid ending but holding on to one thing I don’t know it made me feel better.

I understand now and with a heavy heart that not all our dreams come true even if we work hard for them, if its the same for you know your not alone and know that I feel your hopelessness. however if your someone who has the talent, please don’t give up! please study the books for me, read the lines for me, close your eyes and imagine on behalf of me, maybe then my hearts sorrow gets lighter.