I KNOW that I can DO anything and MORE!

Dedication: I dedicate this to my coaches and my running buddy

I am amazing because I AM ME. My name is Shaila and im 9 years old, its been hard for me to make good friends since my self esteem is not very good. I struggled with body image and it makes me feel bad sometimes, I was getting made fun of alot for my size, when I joined GOTR not only did I make really good friends who did not care that I was different but they helped push me along to complete something that I never felt that I could do GOTR has given me the confidence to be myself, the first practice when I completed 12 laps I started to think that maybe just maybe I could do this. My coaches were very supportive and showed me that it did not matter what I looked like that I was worth something and that I could do anything that I wanted to do, my first 5k run I was concerned that I would not finish or that I would be laughed at , but that was not the case, My running buddy pushed me and told me that I had this , my coaches were waiting for me at the finish line as well as my family, it was one of the BEST feelings in the world to have people cheering for Me and that I DID IT.I have done better in my classes at school as well as in my running goals, the empowerment that I felt at that one simple race has changed my whole outlook on things. I believe in myself I believe I can succeed I believe that I can achieve my goals to go to college and to continue to run , I run when i am sad I run when I and happy I run when I am thinking. Thanks to my coaches and to GOTR this girls is on fire! I plan on going forward and reaching for the stars now since I KNOW that I can DO anything and MORE!

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Girls on the Run International.

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Im Shaila Im 9 years old , I love cats and drawing and most recently, RUNNING