Her Only option

She stood there in their family cattle kraal looking closely at the seemingly dry manure piled on a dirty plastic. She searched through the waste, looking for that “perfect” dry dung to wear for her periods before the blood had stained her school uniform. Today she has opted to use dung as the dried grass had all burnt out from the veld fire. Putting on a brave face, she sneaks out of her house hurriedly, making her way to school as she had to lead their team in a very important netball tournament. There was no way she would miss this even for her periods. She feels the pain caused by the dung as it rubs against her privates yet, she is determined to go to school regardless, knowing that the dung will soon soften from the menstrual blood. She walks a short distance and cannot continue as the pain from the abrasion worsens, with tears rolling down her face, she decides to go back home. She would rather miss the tournament to avoid the period shaming.
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