I Feel like my Family is Cursed.

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Hello my name is nyzayah and I’m going to tell you the story of how I thought my family was cursed. When I was 10 my uncle passed away so I had to go to California for his funeral and I let me just tell you that I live 36 hours away from California so the drive was very long and sometimes in the way their I would get little headaches or my stomach would hurt or the worst I would get very sick yea you might be thinking Nyzayah why don’t you just take a plane? Well we have quite a bit of people so the cost for an airplane would be very expensive so driveling was my only hope. When we arrived It was almost my 11th birthday I was so happy but at the same time very sad because when I went to go see my uncle their were tubes all over his face and at the same time he has lost both of his legs I burst into tears and left the room I couldn’t bare to see him like this. the next day I tried my best not to think about him but it was to hard so when my birthday came I was the most happiest I can be and I just wish that my uncle was their to see me grow! As time passed when I got home from school I was going to go do my homework when my grandma told me that my aunt had passed away But first let me just give you some back story about her she was sick with cancer and had a very low chance of survival so when they found out that she had died they contacted her ya and we drove to Virginia for her funeral when we got their my grandma just burst into tears and then after that the room was full of tears to this day I still believe that I am cursed by something but at least they both are happy they will be very missed I love you guys so much and I won’t stop until I myself die. Have you ever lost someone you care about the most?

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