GOTR Girls and Women Changed My Life

I have been directly and indirectly involved with GOTR for 12 years starting as a coach, then a run committee member then member of our local council board. As a coach, I learned to look at things through children’s eyes. We don’t often think about that, especially in the professional world. I learned to keep things simpler, help others, and be kinder. I learned to laugh at myself and still plug in my GOTR cord when I need an attitude check. That is a true story. I have met and “worked” with amazing women. Some of those relationships blossomed into friendships. It helped me deal with struggles of my own teenager who is turning into an amazing (and I mean amazing) young lady. She too has put all she learned in GOTR into how she handles life. All of this is because I stumbled on a flyer, many years ago and took a journey that will continue to direct my path and purpose for life. It’s true. You’re all amazing and I’m so glad to be part of it all. Thank you.

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Tara Howell

I grew up extremely insecure.