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Hello my name is Evangelist Stephanie Florence and God has blessed me to start a women ministry and it Chat And Chew Reaching Hurting Women Ministry. God place this on my heart on Nov.28th, we 2018. I was a hurting women. It all started at an early age doing school. The kids talked about me, made fun of me and laughed at me. I cried every day and I begin to hate school so I started leaving school at young age. In our home I felt like an outcast and was blamed about everything. I felt so unloved. I grew up seeing my mom being physically abuse by my dad and seeing my dad cheat with other women and didnt even care. I never heard the word I love you in our home. While in school in my 10th grade year I became pregnant and was made to have an abortion and that hurts me so bad because I wanted my baby and I always would say to myself I wonder if it was a girl or boy and how old would he or she be. Also I was being touched on by my dad at night and I held it in for a long time. I finally told my mom and she never said anything to my dad about it. After I graduated I left home because I was tired of being accused and feeling unloved. So I got out their in the streets and started smoking weed, popping pills, shooting drugs in my vain, selling my body, being with married men, hung with the wrong crowd and went to jail, was raped, physically abuse by men and I done all these things looking for love in all the wrong places and doing the wrong things. Had some marital problems and almost filed for divorce. Had very low self-esteem and I hated myself. I walked around hurting for a long time until one day in Oct. 2018 my heart was crushed by someone very close to me and I was called some bad names that really hurtled me to the very core. So I went to church on that Sunday morning and I told God that I was tired of carrying this hurt and I asked God to take all the hurt from me and He done just that.

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Evangelist Stephanie Florence

I am 60 years old. Have a birthday coming up on July 1st . I have been married for 32 years by the grace of God. I have 3 children, daughter in law and 2 grand children. One that fixing to be 8 months old. I love God and I thank Him for saving me.