Girls on the Run

Hi, my name is Mi’Kaylah and I am a fourth grader. I participate in GOTR. GOTR has inspired me to be healthy, confident, and joyful. First of all, GOTR has taught me to be healthy by eating healthy and not to much junk food. I now know not to eat to much candy and junk food, but to eat more healthy foods. I’ve learned that eating healthy can keep your body in good shape. Next, GOTR has taught me to be confident by believing in myself and not putting to much pressure on myself. My coaches have taught me to run or walk at my own pace, so I wont get tired to early. Last of all, I have been inspired to be joyful. When I go to GOTR, I’m excited because I am able to see and make friends. Everyone is always smiling and having so much fun together.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Girls on the Run International.

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