Generational Curse

Dedication: Mental health abuse

My story starts at 15. I had started having sex with my then boyfriend of a year and thought I was pregnant. I told my mother and she insisted I have an abortion. Some how that effect, hit me extremely hard. I was not. Pregnant. My boyfriend moved not long after and I started dating someone pretty nasty. I felt lost. I started skipping school more and more. Hiding my boyfriend in the closet at night. Until I had enough. My mother found him and the next day we met with school counselors and my parents found out I had missed 2 months of school. Back then we got away with that. I could not handle all the stress so I took off. I lived in California for 3 months until they finally found me. After I came home I moved in with my dad. Who tried to give me the world but I continued to get into trouble. At 17 I started taking ecstasy given to me by a family friend a boy 7 years older and we slept together on that night. Not soon after I started doing cocaine and dating a drug dealer who I was madly in love with. He was sent to prison. I than married a man 17 years older. Who became physically abusive. I left after one year. I started back seeing the family friend who give me ecstacy off and on for years and because I felt safe because I had know him my entire life we married when I became pregnant. I moved away with him and started a family. He continued to do drugs and ODed 3 times before we had been married 2.5 years. While I was clean for our child. After 12 years of marriage I left because of his lies and deception. I knowned companies I did not know about and mortgages and he still had a drug problem I thought has ended 9 years prior. I left the marriage and in doing so he took my two beautiful daughters from me. I left with nothing but when I did. I knew I was going to have my girls and no one was going to steal my life from me and me allow that any longer. A year and a half after the divorce I took him back to court. After being a stay a home mother for 12 years. I had started my own business remarried and bought a home not far from my girls. This was in 2020 and 4 month into the modification my girls went missing. Being I only have visitation. No one did anything to help me find my children. They were gone for 7 months. 7 months and nothing. No contact from my babies I left to protect and get them away from the narcissistic abuse of my ex, along withany other things. During the last year of our divorce he started to hallucinate. Seeing and hearing things that were not there. Acting like he was some kind of God and could speak to things in the spirit relm.. my oldest daughter was 11 when she first told me God comes to her at night. During the modification my oldest started to have these brake downs. Too much stress she would scream with her hands over her ears completely disconnected. So I read her diary and found out he father was waking her up with a word from God at 2 and 3am. I went to protective services and they did nothing. I tried to get protection orders from the time of the divorce nothing even though I have pictures and evidence of the hallucinations. They did nothing. Now it has been almost 3 years since I filed for modifation. And finally people are listen after he sacrificed our family dog. Now, I have one of my children and he will never see either again unsurprised until they are old enough to decide for themselves. My oldest I have lost to parental alienation and she refuses to speak to me while in the custody of DHR..while I fight to get my youngest in the most normal of situation as possible with me and my new husband. This man I have known my entire life and trusted to not hurt me or leave me as a friend. Had stolen every bit of trust I ever had and for some reason I can hear my mom when I was 15 telling me I was going to have to abort if I was pregnant and things come back on you 10 fold. I thank God every day for my youngest and the safety of both of my girls. I still fear for our safety when the ex gets out of the institution he finds himself in. There is not enough help for women and children even when they beg and beg. Protect and serve WHO I wonder. No One! We will make it but the pstd effects my marriage in ways people don’t understand. They think I am a bitch or I am cold and bossy. Well I have my reasons just like every other women out there that has had to fight with a room full of power seeking monkeys. So think about it the next time you see a women having a bad day she could be going though more than you could handle. Don’t trample her rose garden because she has a reason to own those mean ass dogs.