Sometimes I wish so much wasn’t real! I never felt so much hurt and betrayal from someone I loved so much. The person I called “My Bestfriend” .. “My Everything”.. “My Husband” .. betrayed me and hurt me so much, not to long ago, I came across documents of name changing from a female name to male name. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.. I was devastated..CRUSHED! And beyond heartbroken, months have gone by.. and I’ve felt so betrayed.. violated, at times I feel less of a women due to another taking advantage of me. My kids have distance themselves from me. I feel as if they disowned me. How can someone be okay hiding such a secret for so long.. I had every right to know. This person acts like its not deal. My life has changed completely. There was point where I wanted to end my life, I didn’t want to live anymore. But I didn’t want to cause my kids more pain and hurt ..I’ve never felt so empty and lost.. sometimes I dont know who I am anymore. How can someone say they love you if can’t tell them your darkest secrects.

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Single mother 5 beautiful children and I'm a grandmother of beautiful 2 years baby girl that brings so much joy in my life. I've fallen many times but my kids have been my reason to keep going in life.. but this time I dont feel the strength in me to fight like I have ..