fucked up life of a black girl

Dedication: I'm dedicating this story to girls that were told ugly things by the men around them. Trying to show them sticking together is better. Because we live in a man's world where women are looked down upon. Especially women of color.

hi my name is Brielle and I’m a survivor of racism sexism,colorism,and texturism. I just want to say as attractive as I am I have never had pretty privilege, I was treated like shit by men most of the time. I was called ugly and got severely teased by mostly men. the lesson is don’t ever listen to ignorant people their not the smartest.

I’ve learned people thrive on someone’s pain and misery because their unhappy with themselves. It’s sad and embarrassing to know people that you grew up around would bully and harass you for their own sadistic reasons. Being pretty does not matter in this world,people will still give you a hard time ,you can have good hair ,nice body,and a fat booty and people will still have something negative to say about you. Women and girls have to stick together it’s not easy living in a man’s world. sexism and misogyny is still around their in schools, churches,and even at work.

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I'm afro Caribbean from the US came from a Grenadian mother and a Guyanese father long story short it ain't sweet out here as a black person, whoever can relate knows what I'm talking about.