Evil doesn’t discriminate

I was born into a Christian family with 8 kids.
6 years old- my brother who is 6 years older than me, made me his whore
10 years old- he went to college to study the Bible
12 years old- I realized what had happened
15 years old- my teacher called child services and my mom got a call from the police saying her daughter had been sexually abused
Today- I am 16 and independent to a fault, growing up without trusting my family has done that to me. My relationship with my mom has deteriorated since her finding out and I’m still wracked with guilt from making her kick her favorite son out of the house. I know that just because you think someone is a good person, doesn’t mean they can’t do horrible things. Evil doesn’t discriminate and to my autistic brother who made me do those disgusting things, fuck you. You didn’t deserve the energy I spent trying to get over what you did to me. In your face because I used the situation you put me in to make myself the driven, unstoppable person I am today and I don’t need your excuses or your apology to feel happy again.