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INDIAN working women (IWW) is a community initiated to promote women empowerment. We have a group of nearly women Pan India who are working under this platform, which works through women networking and helps you grow in ample of aspects. Timely guidelines, tips, info, word of advice are being shared in the group. Founder of this group is Mrs Deepti Gupta who herself works in education training field .

As a child, I was born with a silver spoon in an open minded family with all the facilities and liberties one can ask for. Later, got married to a down-to-earth person with modern thinking and a positive equal approach for a relationship
I started my journey in 2006 as an entrepreneur with Centre for Advanced Computing, an institute which has taught more than 14000 students so far on Microsoft technologies. The operating office is solely based in Noida.

Throughout my life, I’ve been a passionate traveler who has seen many explored and unexplored parts of the world. Through the years, I’ve gathered different experiences, whether it’s a self driven New Zealand, a ride on glaciers, Island of Maldives through sea plane, submarine tour in Mauritius, Swiss Alps or the beautiful coastline of Croatia and much more.”.

Being an Indian, I am well aware of the issues a woman faces when she decides to work the responsibilities she has to take care of whether of house,kids,family,outdoor ,indoor much more .I believe whether to work or not is more about our mindset but for that we need support, strength ,knowledge , and moreover a platform. So I tried to build a platform by the name INDIAN WORKING WOMEN .I started this group in august 2018 and currently we are approximately 26000 women .The main idea of the group is to have personal and professional bonding among females for this we organize regular meetups,picnics,talks,business promotions and much more..

However, my husband Namit Gupta who is the owner of retail chain supermarket “HONEY MONEY TOP “and my Father supported my initiative and has been a great source of encouragement and strength till date. My husband always says,” if you have the capacity to do more than one thing, do everything that is inside of you.”
As a woman, I believe to work is the best gift you can give yourself in terms of confidence and freedom.

It’s certainly my aim and hope to be able to, change the world, a tiny bit for every woman in my small ways.

It’s my journey from No one to someone

Sharing few pics of our networking meetups too and media partners too who help us

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