Down syndrome is not a curse …!it’s just a Acceptance..

Indeed !
I gave birth to a baby boy .who is everyone’s heart beat,as we the new parents were out of the world after seeing him.but suddenly doctors said he needs oxygen n our bad luck oxygen was not available in that hospital…as a mother I was unaware of such things,then doctor came n said his head size is so small ,n he will do everything in his life but late.thats it ..I as a mother was very happy with my he my “aankho ka Tara”I cared him a lot which every mother across by my child doesn’t sleep in nights,that time it seems ok that many children’s do…after 1 month I observed how he is looking ,I mean he is my child no doubt he is worlds beautiful child for me but still…he is looking lil different but I was unaware of his problem…cz I don’t know his actual prob “cz maa ko sab ni pata”2 years passed .once he was very ill n we went to the hospital n we was wating for the doctor I generally asked 1 nurse what doctors write in my child prescription DS?what is it? Then that day she told your child has a Down syndrome .i was shocked ???? as a mother just imagine what the HELL situation it could be…????this word has totally disappoint me n shocked me ????but I was a strong mother I accept him Take him as my life biggest challenge n after coming home googled everything about DOWN Syndrome n read everything. it buried me everyday but I hold myself to fight with it…then days passes n we came to know about the therapies which work with these kids ,I joined him there n did my core hard work with full was like my task .in between he was gone through with many tough phases like his heart surgeries n all n all I accept with a blossom flowers of GOd n only fight fight n fight with all circumstances n I won????doctors said that DS children will not cope up so easily with the surgeryn all as they have weak immune system n they have high risk infection factors but I was a challenging mother I cared him madly n he was all well in 3 months n no infection touched him????though I have faced lots of fights with my family regarding my son precautions but I don’t care them in front of him…because for me his life is in my hand …n then gradually therapies are working n with the talented teachers I also worked very hard n once the child who was called a most hyper child ,who can’t sit for a second ,
The most arrogant,who hits,who throws things,who don’t know who are there parents,who don’t stop running,who don’t know any single thing,who don’t speak ,who don’t walk till 2 ,who don’t sleep till he gets 3 n many more….is now just opposite of above … whom doctors said “hopeless “is now studying in reputed school….from that day till this date this boy has come to near normal child n still working my core best to make him “THE BEST”.Down syndrome is not a curse.its just a more become them “NORMAL”…not every mother knows what is gonna be happen …like me????never give up????anything could be possible in this world ????
To be continued..,..