Domestic violence and mental peace

Just a small phase of my long life I’ve many things to say but this is for now,

Dealing with domestic violence is one of the destructive situations you could ever go through, as a girl me my mom and sister are going through this scenario each and every time. I had gone through anxiety a day after my dad use to beat and abuse us it’s just feel like killing ourselfs on daily basis , my mom is the only person who had suffered a lot from the day of her marriage later on , this situation got more worse till now it is worse like hell . He use to come home daily we wish he would not have come home today so that we could sleep peacefully but as we know you cant get rid of these situations we have to tackle it. I always wanted a person in my life to share my pain with but I forgot one thing that I am so worse at expressing my pain out of my mouth I feel so difficult to express my pain out to somebody , whenever I think of doing this it is always my mind which stops me from express out my pain and what I do is to ignore my pain and think its okay you’ll be fine it happens. I know I couldn’t able to voice out my feelings or my emotional state with someone so I started writing I started filling up my notes with expressing my pains in. Sometime it became so tough for me to handle my emotional state , I couldn’t able to give voice to things which are going inside my head with my mom or sister as they will think maybe its not a big deal because they are also dealing with same situation so I don’t utter any word with them.

My dad is someone who has destroyed our lives to the worse end , abusing and violent nature of his always made our mind disturbed and helpless i can not express what words he uses as he is an alcoholic and we know how difficult it is to deal with an alcoholic person , so we are in that phase where there is no one to drag us out from this ball game.

But i have understood many things till now that we should not control things , we should change the things and work towards the better . Controlling isn’t in our hands but changing is in our hands which will definitely help us to grow better we have to believe in ourself and if you are experiencing anxiety or stress always choose a platform to frame your emotions because if we don’t spit out things it will get worse and worse and could weaken our core.

Stay positive and strong!


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Hey, I am Ruchita Kumari 19 year old from Delhi, India pursuing my graduation from Delhi University dealing with anxiety and stress I've gone through some terrible situations in my life journey, and still, it is in the process. I feel nothing sometimes it is so difficult for me to even breathe, I've learned so much but couldn't able to get mental peace. Struggling through circumstances healing with different situations has made me strong enough to tackle these situations. I don't even feel like writing something but I wanted to share my story with all the readers so people who are going through the same scenario could relate and understand that they're not alone.