Creating Safe Strides

My name is Carly Harrison. I am a graduate of Lassiter class of 2019.

Running was a big part of high school and it came to an even bigger part of college. I got a full ride to Reinhardt University for xc and track. That was something so very special to me. I had only started running in high school and now I was in the big leagues.

Fast forward now I’m a senior about to graduate. Except it hasn’t been a normal senior year. I was training for my last track season in December one day. I went on a run on campus. As I entered the crosswalk I was told I was struck by a vehicle going above the speed limit. That right there ended my running career. I suffered severe injuries and am facing some chronic issues from those as well but I am lucky to be alive. And I mean very lucky.

About a year ago someone in the conference I competed in was struck by a vehicle and lost his life. It was something that affected us all since we knew him but I never thought about how much of a problem it is that athletes are training and getting killed.

My idea is to turn all of this into something positive for runners, athletes in xc and track and young and all drivers as well by bringing awareness. I am working on starting a non profit organization. I am partnering with the Lutzie 43 foundation with their 5k in August. And will be releasing more information about that soon.

I would love to share my story with you guys and talk to your team. I was once them too and hope my story teaches them to drive safely and also be aware when running. I would love to chat more.


Carly Harrison

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Carly Harrison

Was an XC and track runner as a senior in college, when I had that taken away from me I wanted to give back to the community as I was healing by starting a non profit. Contact for more story details and visuals