We are excited to launch this video page for women who prefer to speak their story rather than write it.  We invite you to share YOUR story of overcoming the fears, beliefs, or circumstances that once held you back in any way.  We know that your story can encourage and inspire many other women & girls.

We are very grateful to Elisa Gambino of One Productions for her excellent advice and tireless support, and we admire her commitment to the empowerment of women & girls in her personal and professional life.  We also extend many thanks to Scott Hayes of Altera Web and to Michele Bires of Sefcik Productions for their work in bringing this video page to life.

“Never give up”

VIDEO: Ava Vosu & Charlotte Toogood, mother and daughter midwives, share their perspective on perseverance, moving forward, and appreciating the inspiring people in our lives.

Realizing “I can do this.”

VIDEO: Esther Mast, a nurse-midwife who has lived and worked in the U.S., Haiti and Burkina Faso, talks about helping people realize their strength.

Accept the Challenges

VIDEO: Andrea Jordan, a midwife trained in the U.K. and practicing in Barbados, shares her story and encourages women and girls to learn from the challenges in their lives.

“I have a story, but I also have data”

VIDEO: Joy Marini, a passionate advocate globally for women’s leadership in health care, shares how her personal experiences have shaped her advocacy for the prevention of preterm birth.