Global Health

Time to Get Personal

I’m the middle child and only daughter. I was confused throughout most my childhood about what it meant to be the only girl in my family, alongside my three brothers. But my confusion was...

Persevere: Greatness Awaits You

I grew up in what was referred to as a squatters community or captured land. Families living there were below the poverty line. It meant that most were living in poor conditions and seeking...

Changing the Narrative

My journey as a young leader and advocate began when I was about 10 years old. Even as a child, I had so much passion for activism. Together with my fellow young activists, I led many...

A Global Force of Voices

VIDEO: Julia Wiklander, founder of Girls’ Globe, leads a global network of young women working to raise the voices of women and girls around the world.

“I have a story, but I also have data”

VIDEO: Joy Marini, a passionate advocate globally for women’s leadership in health care, shares how her personal experiences have shaped her advocacy for the prevention of preterm birth.