Breaking Free: A Journey of Survival, Self-Acceptance, and Finding Home

My name is Yahia Abdulhassan, I was born on 28.06. in Nuremberg. I was a happy child surrounded by love and affection. But in 2013, my family decided to return to their homeland in Iraq. I was torn from my familiar surroundings and thrown into a world full of traditions and prejudices.

In my new environment, I began to see the true colors of my family. Instead of love and support, I experienced harassment and disrespect. My parents and relatives mocked me for my dreams and ambitions. They called me weak and inferior. They had expectations of me that I could not or would not meet.

The bullying and humiliation brought me to the brink of despair. I felt trapped, as if I could never break out of this vicious cycle. But then I realized that I couldn’t give up my own happiness and identity, no matter how difficult it was. (Edited)

Despite all the hardship and rejection, I found support outside my family. I met people who accepted me and helped me accept myself. I began to explore my sexual orientation and realized I was gay. It was another reason for my family to judge and bully me.

But I didn’t let it get me down. I fought the toxic environment and found my own way. I looked for ways to improve his life. I dreamed of moving back to Nuremberg, where I could be myself without fear of judgment and rejection

Today, on my 18th birthday, I reflect on my journey. I know I still struggled with the scars from my past, but I also found the strength to love myself and be proud of who I am. i tell this story to encourage others who are going through similar struggles.

My story is one of survival and self-acceptance. Despite a toxic family that bullied me
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