Best friend, I love you

I was 14 when I met him. I went to youth not to learn but to have fun. My friend Michelle introduced me to a guy. His name is Daniel. Daniel was almost the same height as me. He’s Filipino but light skin. At first, I thought okay okay, we can be friends. Me and Daniel got along so well like we knew each other for so long. We spoke on Facebook a lot, shared contacts, had a nickname for each other. There was no day we won’t speak to each other. Say Good morning, good night, see you etc. We got to the point that we felt there is something different. We would say 1 sentence and will completely understand what it means. We just couldn’t really explain it. Maybe we’re just really good friends? We got to the point where we had to ask each other. Do you feel the same way? We said both yes. There is something different. We didn’t know what it meant. We we’re young. I continued to come to church and bit by bit, I started to understand the meaning of the word. I was very comfortable with Daniel and he knew about my Epilepsy.
Most of the time he’ll only show me his positive side to make me smile.
It was late at night, I received a call from his sister. Do you know where Daniel is? He’s missing and won’t answer his phone?
I didn’t know where Daniel was. He wouldn’t answer my call. I don’t know how many times I called him. Finally he answered my call. We both cried and he told me that he was planning to kill himself. He was not only gettin bullied from students but also teachers. He has forgotten about God. When I saw him the next day, we cried, hugged and I made him promise not to do it again.
Me and Daniel continued to be close to each other. We both realized, we aren’t sure what our feelings really meant but we’ll be there for each other. He helped me get to know God better. When we are both down, well help each other out. He is one of the men I trust the most. I am me with him. He is he with me. I learnt how to pray because of him. He became open with depression with me.
During worship, Pastor asked everyone to come to be prayed for. If you are struggling and need God, come he said. I decided to come but asked Daniel to pray for me. He prayed for me and I started shaking. Daniel cried in front of everyone. My Father never cried in front of anyone. Daniel did.
Me and Daniel became bestfriends. With each other, we forget about our shame. We are who we really are.
I am currently dating a man who trust Daniel the most out of all my guy friends. We are open to others about what we felt. He deserve the best. I pray one day God will give him someone who can make him smile more than I can. Someone he can speak and be open with more than me. Someone who can make him feel the love he deserves.
We are now 25. We sometimes talk about our past and are thankful it all happened. We got to know each other.We are now best friends. We understand each other. Now we are clear and sure that our I love you doesn’t mean as gf and bf relationship. It means as best friends. Daniel I love you. Let’s continue to grow and learn the word of God. Continue to be an example of what is a true friend.