Bad decision that I made

Dedication: Yes. Don't trust anybody about money

Have you ever try to struggle in your life?.
Struggle that you think will never be solve. Yes you always think that you want to end your life but you always think your family. What if I’m gone they will suffer so much, my twin sister will be stress about this. All I want is to become successful person so that I can provide everything to my family. That’s why I trust one person. She said there’s a business if I invest then my life will be changed. Because I didn’t know what business it is but I trust that person. But in the end I was scammed and it’s hurt me so much that time my father passed away and I don’t have any money to provide. I was devastated that time and I want to died because I was so disappointed in my decision that I made.
My christmas full of sadness and I can’t face my mother because I can’t provide what she want. Right now I’m in the comfort room writing this kind of my experiences here in this site. I’m crying because all my plan for my family will never be come true.
Like I have a lot of loans and even my friend didn’t pay what they barrowed to me. Why many people like this?
Why many people do this to someone like me who want to have a successful life for my family. 😭😭
I’m only 26 years old but why I experiences like this?

Photo credit: Image provided by the storyteller.