An endless journey that’s on a cycle

Dedication: My mother

I have not yet given up. See last year my mom a 65 year old retired women lost her vision. Before that I was a full time employee at the Gap downtown San Francisco. My goal was to save money along with my older sister to help get at least a studio for all three of us and to get out of this hotel room we live in that has no kitchen or no bathroom, just a bed, sink a tv and mice and roaches. When the pandemic hit, I knew things would be a little tough but not as tough as officially losing my job in Aug 2020. Yes I was able to collect Edd which helped a lot and especially the additional 300$ that was given weekly as well. However even that is coming to an end. Now here I am with a 920$ rent, 600$ storage bill along with other expenses and only receiving 276$ bi-weekly! I practically live on constantly applying for jobs, hoping that someone will give me employment if anything at least for the holidays but I’m having no luck and no make matters worse having my mom not being able to see is the hardest part. Having to walk down the hallway with her to make sure the bathroom isn’t dirty (people will have diarrhea or blood on the toilet seat)in order for her to use, her not being able to see if a roach is crawling near her head while she’s laying down resting or if a mice is climbing on our bed. I’ve haven’t given up hope at all, I do tend to cry every so often because I’m completely lost for words. I wouldn’t call this a success story, I’ve failed in every way possible but no matter how hard life gets I want everyone to know please don’t give up. We’re put in situations not to hurt us but sometimes to make us stronger. It never seems that way especially with while we go through whatever it is but remember, you’re not alone.

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Autumn Abby

Through many hurricanes, I was always taught never to give up or give in. It was always easier said then down but I’m at that stage where not many choices are given. I’m a young woman that believes that family should stick together no matter what and is willing to do whatever to get my family into a better living condition.