Where there is a will there is a way

There were changes in body after post- pregnancy. My body was not moving, and I had a lot of pain in my bones. My husband consulted so many doctors but there was no improvement. Doctors told that it will be throughout the life…my problem was increasing day by day. My family didn’t help me. Even I was not able to walk properly.No one was there to look after my baby,I was not able to feed my baby on time,the duration of feeding of my baby was long.but she never cried,may be she was understanding my problem. All medicine like Alopathe, ayurved became failed. I felt that I will never stand on my legs,but I didn’t lose my hope because I was thinking only about my baby. I have to be cured any how for my baby. I kept me mentally strong. I tried to walk against my body, and bear the pain. Only one thing was in my mind I had to get rid of my problem to back in normal life only for my baby. Where there is a will there is way… at the time when all the doctors said no, I promised myself to be back by own.Then I started my routines. It took five years and now I am a fitness trainer.. there was a time when I was not able to move and having multiple health issues but now I am working others to be fit. I am amazing because having a lot of problems with me but I never lose my hope and bounce back in life.

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I am Sarita. I am a psychologist and also a fitness trainer and a house maker. I have two lovely kids and a handsome caring husband.