A Son Of Shepard to A Banker!

Dedication: My late Parents

My Story from A Son of Shepard to Banker!!
Life is unpredictable ,It does not remain the same, with the passage of time everything changes. As I opened my eyes in a Wakhi Shepard family in 1989 in a remote Valley of Northern Pakistan, “Shimshal valley”which is known as “Home of Mountaineers”. My early childhood was as a Shepard Boy helped my parents with cattles and agricultural activities.I started school at the age of 5 in a Govt. Middle School with no facilities and no proper benches. It was hard to be a School going kid in winter season,we took firewood every morning to school for heating purposes and we were taught by teachers in that-10 C tempature. In the summer my mother along with all villagers used to go to the Pamir Pasture Land for summer grazing of animals and i used to visit her in July after my summer vacations. I helped my mom in bringing cattle and yaks back for milking every evening.
After my middle School I left Shimshal valley and started high School at Karimabad Hunza.I completed my high school from Hunza and i moved towards Abbottabad for my college studies and i did my intermediate from there. Then a sudden slump came in my life as I lost my elder brother who was serving in Pak Army. Soon after one month I lost my Mom and my world and my dreams were completely shattered . I left everything and went back to my village where I stayed for one year and i started teaching students at a community school. After one year My father told me to go back again to start your studies and fulfil our dreams. I decided to go to Lahore where I lived with my cousins and started my Degree in Accounting and Finance hence I graduated in 2016. I lost my father in 2015 and it was the last hope I had in my life .The only wish of my life was that my father will come on my graduation ceremony but it was not fulfilled by Almighty Allah. Soon after graduating I Joined a Bank and its been three and half years I am serving as a General Banking Officer.
A person should not say I can’t do anything with no educational background a human can do everything .Nothing is impossible!!

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Safar Baig

I am working for a private Bank now adays.