The main point of my story is that I’m trying to express my point of view on that Muslim girls are being heavily discriminated. I want young women to take from my story to not be desperate and be confident in yourself. Do not hesitate about God, about your beliefs and about some things that are mistaken because there is a lot of propaganda against this story. I said yes to this project because as a woman, I really want to help other women. All I want is to help another woman, even if it’s the smallest piece of contribution.
Photo credit: Images provided by Footage and by the storyteller.

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‘I’ created this story as a participant in the Girl-talk-Girl program (girltalkgirl.org) by Footage (footageproject.org). Girl-talk-Girl connects young women worldwide, using mobile digital storytelling to spark dialogue and change around the gender-based violence present in their lives. Footage is a NGO with a mission to raise voices to elevate lives through creative research, media arts, and the science of storytelling.