Vital to Our Young Girls

I am not a young girl, coach, or teacher. I am a fond supporter of GOTR. I went to an awards breakfast where our local chapter was receiving a small grant, and heard Gillian Byerly tell a story about a local girl in the program. Gilly tells this much better, but this young girl was being harassed by girls at lunch, and rather than acting out, she decided to, in her words, “do what I’ve learned at GOTR” and she went out to the playground and ran! She saw the girls later and thought to herself, “what they say doesn’t matter to me and they won’t bother me.” How empowering!! Upon hearing this story, I was hooked on this phenomenal organization, and have been financially supporting them ever since! This organization is so vital to our young girls. I love it!

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Girls on The Run International.

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Robyn Holder