Dedication: Looksim anime /true beauty kdrama

I’m 14 and I wanted to share my story my struggles
So basically I’m not pretty so I wear mask like people who are not pretty are still wearing my friends don’t give me attention they like to poke and and just say slang because I’m ugly,and ugly people stay most of time silent.. I just don’t really wanna go school that mentally bully me my ex friends make fun off me and in my school van I’m the one who wear mask I’m quite uncomfortable I also want to live like normal person I’m to exhausted I want to cry all day someone thought of dead come but I m like I can’t die I need my success i wished if I was pretty if I can do plastic surgery.. my parent don’t give me attention than my borther,I see pretty people winning and laughing all day..I don’t really feel good anymore i don’t have anyone ..