i am 13 and i have so much pressure i have to do all school work and now my parents also want me to jion a cadet collage and study for its entry test i have to go to tutions and etc i do not have friends and one of my sister bully me she calles me fat and use cursive words and abuse me emotionally my mother is doctor and she is always busy and stress mu family is so different i just feel other people live so happily and we are just so different last night my mom called me phyco and i am still on shock and pain i do not have one person to even talk to i am going through so much and i just dont wanna live i am upset as fuck and because of that i am losing my mind i get igressive so easily and start crying over everything i need help but my parents donot have enough time to hear me out all they care about is studyy study and religion i wanna die and evrn if i stop talking with the whole world my sisters will still hate me and love to see me in pain and are so jalous of me i feel like i dont like talking to people any more and i am losing all my confidence