The alarm ring and there trigger my back pain even my blood is poor in Insulin but i gather my force to feed my children when i open my wallet the only thing i see is there is the pictures of my wife while the politician is pilling million in there pocket while building public roads i lift my mattress to find out there is only one last note left the gas is on the tea is boiling my wife tell me there is only 2 spoon of milk in the jar i would prefer to give it to them cause i want them to have a better life than me i have already left home in the blistering cold to go get some bread for my children on the top of lorry truck putting and removing boxes but when lunch time come i still have to chose between my son broken bag or my stomach no i don’t watch thriller movie cause am am already living a real thriller with my bills with my diabetic pills i get goosebumps when my daughter tell me she is felling ill thinking of her tuition fees it feels like i have to accept that night security job to fulfill there needs already feeling half dead but hundred percent sure to even jump in hell to put food in there plate yeah time has toughen me still going strong even if i cant feel a tingling in my feet i will continue to walk on here i come with another text that will help you grow hair on you baldy scalp yes i shout for injustice scared to even drive a car to see my dead body in the news on the next day like Iqbal the only thing they say is come to another hearing i prefer remove my hearing aid rather that to hear you talking its so sad i am the one contributing to there salary but they are just wiping me off like the dust on their smartphone if only the same thing would have happen to the real murderer of eleana a little flower just starting blooming at 11 year old has his roots remove from ground and let to dry in the sunshine rip thinking of all that they only thing i do nowadays is to sit on my bed while the tv is playing am fixing the the roof while a real movie is playing in my head no i am not virgin marie but wish i could turn back time to born in AD 30 hundred percent sure to sacrifice my life on the cross instead of jesus as a redeem to the lord if only half of the population has the forgiveness of the lord in there heart to say Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing the criminality rate would have surely gone down nowadays i see people climbing the stair toward heaven wearing a black coat but still using evil method that even hell would send them an access denial letter how can you write line like that? its because i live on the planet next to planet earth yeah i understand the language of a dog barking while his owner is drowning himself in alcohol forget to buy his shampoo that removes ticks and fleas as he flames in rage people thinking its a wild dog no baby its a calm dog that just need a little love i spend my whole life trying to figure out how to full every empty stomach going to bed tonight am halfway there hold my hand to accomplish this at least when you are pushing your last breath you can go with a sense of accomplishment.