Hi, I can’t tell you my name because somebody from my school might take action to these words. In January of 2019, I was assaulted. No big deal, right? But the thing is, it is a big deal. I was across from school. The girl who attacked m threatened me since that Monday, this happened Thursday. She had one of her friends post it on snapchat. I have horrible memories about this. Her friends threaten me and scare me. I can’t hear running footsteps without turning around, scared. By the way, I was attacked from behind. My parents called me a wuss and said it was my fault. Now in May, I still can’t believe that happened. During SBAC (State Testing) The vision of this happening flashed before my eyes and I just started crying. In the middle of English. I hate myself for how things turned out for me. Nobody looks at me the same. If I had fought back, She would get what she wanted, a fair fight. If I didn’t tell nobody, I’d still be in trouble. I hate this shit.