Turning Point of An 18 Year-Old Girl

I’m a girl who is 18 and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer 5 months ago. It was right after I took the university exam that I learned about it. I have always felt worried something might have been wrong about my body but never would have thought of cancer. It all happened of a sudden. I’ve been through a surgery which lasted for 8 hours straight. I still remember the pain. The possibility of losing the chance to have a baby. At that moment, it was all that mattered. The surgery underwent successfully. All I had was people around me telling me everything’s going to be just fine. I just didn’t believe it. How was I supposed to feel okay knowing the fact that I was never going to be able to have a baby? Well, it is still painful. But I’m moving on. My wounds are healed. I have finished my chemotherapy treatment. Believe me, chemo sessions were much harder than after the surgery process. Now, I’m trying to live the moment and being grateful that I was given a second chance to move on and I’m living my second life. I hope this helps many of you out there struggling with similar incidents in their lives.