Growing up and seeing how my parents fight being a only child seems other to be a golden spoon in my mouth from outside but it was a disaster from inside only I know how I have survived those nights where there is not your fault and you get beaten by your father for no reason I am 22 but I remember the incident where I was only 2-3 years and my father grabbed my hair and started beating me because there were some dispute between him and my mother I am not saying that my life is too harsh or maybe it is everybody thinks their life is too harsh on them but as people say god made those suffer who are able to handle it but I don’t want to be the one who could handle it living my life for a while on my own terms is my dream, able to be independent is my dream living in one BHK flat is my dream and but the path on which I am travelling these small dreams are not that easy as it sounds like ,I am living my life with the hope that one day my dream will become true in the end we are only left with one hope that one day things will be fine your life will be fine you will be able to eat maggi with sprinkles of oregano on it whenever you crave for it no matter what time it is, you could play games no matter what time is it yes life is not a bed of roses but with hard work we can steal some time and make our life a bed of roses.