Things that I really love about Girls on the Run

To be honest, there’s actually a lot of things that I love about Girls on the Run. For instance, how I love how hard my run mates will work to accomplish all of their 12 laps, even when they don’t want to, how they will keep motivating us to cheer us up and continue to go, and how we have some amazing coaches that choose to stay there and go through all of that time and hard work to help us reach our goals for the 5k. Today, I am going to tell you the most important things that I love about Girls on the Run. One thing I love about Girls on the Run is my wonderful coaches, Mrs. Mandy, Mrs. Jessica, Mrs. Roland and last, but not least, Mrs. Smith, I love how Mrs. Mandy would lighten up my day when I wasn’t having a good day, would give me hugs and would tell me funny things to make me laugh. I love Mrs. Jessica because even though she was kind of strict, she would still help me accomplish my laps, and let me rest for a bit when I got tired. Mrs. Roland is a great coach and motivator that will keep track of everything we do, so she’s basically secretary. Now Mrs. Smith is different from all of them. She has every trait that they have, and will try her hardest to get all of the girls to try harder to beat their goal. Another thing I love about Girls on the Run is our motivation dances. For instance, The Sprinkler, The Lady Hulk, Salt and Pepper, and the Pencil Sharpener. They are all crazy dances that we do to keep our minds set straight and wild to pump us up to run. They are also used for our Energy Awards that we do every week for the people who work the hardest at accomplishing their lap goals, and who show great motivation towards others. Lastly, I love my running mates, and how they help me keep going to do straight pass my goal, so I won’t miss my chance to do more than just do my lap goal and stop. They’ve helped me with my laps by running with me. They keep me company when I was feeling sad, and they would vote me for the Energy award even when I didn’t ask them to. In conclusion, in Girls on the Run I have made new friends, accomplished a lot of things, learned more about people, and had the greatest time ever. These were things that I really love about Girls on the Run.

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