The unknown and unspoken

Dedication: Yes I dedicate to the women and girls who have been bullied or tormented by a black male or men in general they have the problem not you.

so I’m currently 22 years old living in what I call hell. My community is very similar to hell nothing good happens in our community. The girls and women get treated as if they were bubblegum on the ground. the constant discrimination is nauseating to say the least, imagine everyday trying to please men that bring out the ugly in you and point out all your flaws. Instead of liking you for your humour or demeanor. They like you for the color of your skin and your hair texture how sad is that.i long to go outside with my afro and just be accepted for how I look rather than my vagina. I was told I was ugly, I was told my hair is ugly by a plethora of black men at a young age. It’s insidious it’s sinister and wicked that as a grown man you would even try to break a young girls self esteem giving her dirty looks and excluding someone because of their appearance. Real men don’t bully girls and women. Real men don’t bring out the ugly in you. Real men don’t try to compete with young woman. Real men don’t give women dirty looks. real men comfort and look out for a woman rather than tear her down. Real men are friendly and gentle to girls and women.sexually abusing and physically abusing girls? Where do you come from? Hell? how can you call yourself a man calling women ugly and being deliberately spiteful to them. Only Satan behaves that way. Thank God Jesus is almost here. Because if anything that should be a crime to bully a girl because of her appearance. It’s not normal at all. Girls and women please stick together. Because some men would to love to see your pretty face in a coffin, just because they can’t have you. Stay safe ladies the grass is not greener on the other side. Everything that glitters ain’t gold sometimes it’s just shit shining. Real talk.

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Brielle hinds

I'm afro vegan ,I like my afro, I like peace and happiness. I don't like people that don't like me. I like to cook. I like walking through gardens.i like cleanliness and spending time with my friends.