The Power Of Everyday Heroes

Dedication: My five Everyday Hero Teachers: Mrs Cook Mr Williams Mr Simpson Miss Archer Mr Readman

You have no idea of your power to influence. It’s often the smallest acts that make the biggest difference.

My story is of how a child survives (and goes onto thrive) when the system fails. The answer is simple: Because of you!

My life was transformed from broken little girl to fantastic catalyst for change by ordinary people who chose to be human first and make a much needed connection with me.

Today I encourage others to embrace authenticity and vulnerability when working in a service driven industry, especially when that industry seems to value data and numbers over faces and names.

Story shared by...

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

My ‘About Me’ is really all about you! I should be a prostitute, in prison or on a psych ward yet I avoided all of those because of five Everyday Heroes, teachers in my case, who believed in me before I was able to believe in myself. Today I’m an international speaker, author and of course, a teacher! Thank you for watching kids TEDx Talk. I’d love for you to connect with me on social media or over on my website